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Interactive ExhibitsIt has been scientifically proven that children learn through play. This is also true for adults as this is the most fun and natural method of retaining information. Interactives are the method by which a subject, object or experiments are turned into an item of play for the general public.

Museums and visitor attractions across the world have adopted interactive exhibits as a primary method of educating and learning through play. For many years traditional museums have enclosed artifacts within glass cabinets and applied text and graphics to deliver information about the item. This is still an essentital part of a museum, however many museums have recognised that to catch the eye and imagination of children and families requires a lot more mental and physical stimulation. Interactives provide the physical and mental stimulation that deliver memorable experiences on the chosen subject.

Lets consider a stone agemuseum interactives pot discovered in an archaeological dig carefully reconstructed and placed on display within a glass cabinet, complimentary text and graphics have been applied on the glass. This is a fantastic piece alongside rows and rows of similar pottery in cabinets. Beautiful though they are, it is unlikely that a child of our time will pay them much attention without some other form of stimulation.

In this case an example of an interactive could be a simple puzzle where a person could play the role of the archaeologist assembling the pot to establish what has been discovered. The difficulty can be set according to the target age groups from large pieces with obvioius connecting shapes to tiny similar coloured pieces with complex shapes.

This type of learning would provide a more memorable experience and touch on the excitement that an archaeologist would experience as an important discovery comes together.


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